Are AGP Men Sexist? (Spoiler: No)

A lot of people feel that many themes in AGP pornography are sexist (which they are, I guess), and therefore conclude that AGPs also are sexist. Maybe they’re also basing it on certain stereotypes about autogynephiles. Either way, the point is that people think AGPs are sexist. But is that true?

Not as far as I can tell. In my Sexuality and Attitudes to Gender survey, I collected 24 items related to opinions on gender and compared the attitudes of AGP men with non-AGP men. The result? AGP men were slightly more feminist across almost all questions; the exception involved AGP men being as feminist as the baseline. Here’s an overview:


Correlation coefficients between the items used to determine degree of feminism and autogynephilia, along with the correlation coefficients between the items feminism, and a measure of agreement between autogynephiles and feminists for each item. Bold coefficients are statistically significant.

The above diagram shows autogynephilic men’s opinions on a variety of topics. They’re usually quite similar to those of non-autogynephilic men (half the correlations don’t even reach statistical significance), but the difference is there. The second column shows the association between feminism (defined as the belief that “Feminism as a movement does important work”) and each of the items. As you can see, for all the items where autogynephilic men differ significantly from the baseline, they do so in a feminist direction.

To make it easier, I’ve created an “agreement” column, which shows the agreement between feminist men and autogynephilic men. When the number in this column is greater than 0, they differ in the same direction, and with greater numbers indicating greater agreement. Even among the nonsignificant items, there are only two cases of disagreement, and they’re sufficiently orthogonal to feminism that their correlation with feminism isn’t even statistically significant.

We can take a look at some of the individual correlations too. In practice, most of the cases where autogynephilic men are significantly different from the baseline are questions focusing on gender nonconformity. Perhaps this means that this can better be summarized as “AGP men are no less feminist and more supportive of gender nonconformity than other men” than “AGP men are more feminist than other men”, but at the very least, it can’t be summarized as “AGP men are sexist”.

Speculations on the Sexist Themes of AGP Porn

But, there’s still some sexist themes in AGP porn. Or is there? We don’t actually know much systematic about what AGPs usually get off to. Maybe most just like lesbian porn, or PoV porn! This is something I want to eventually examine, but we don’t know yet. Still, I believe that the sexist themes probably exist.

Why? One obvious point is that a lot of porn, especially kinky porn, has sexist themes in general. Maybe it’s a reflection of general societal values or whatever.

A subtler point is that what seems like sexist themes aren’t necessarily quite as bad as you might think. Degradation through feminization and forced feminine behavior sounds sexist, but often the dominant person may be a woman who’s not being degraded. This is more “misosissyist” than misogynist. That may be problematic in its own way, but it’s probably more complex than pure sexism.

Update 2018-09-17: Similar results in another survey I did.

3 thoughts on “Are AGP Men Sexist? (Spoiler: No)

  1. I did a little essay on this topic last year, as it’s something that has long bothered me. The short answer, I think, is this: (to women) “This isn’t about you”. I’ll paste my little write up here, and it only covers one aspect of my thoughts on this, but I do not at all buy in to the idea that AGP is built on the premise of scorn, derision or value.
    There’s something I’d like to address that I think about every time I hear a podcast or read an article about sissies / cross-dressers.  This especially seems to come up when the topic is covered by a woman (specifically a genetic or “cis” woman), and I can see why.

    It usually goes down like this:
    “Sissies are men who get off on the idea that being a woman is humiliating.  But I’m a woman, so that’s messed up!”

    I can completely see where they are coming from, and on the surface, it is a logical conclusion.  If a guy gets a humiliation kick out of appearing as a woman, then it follows that being a woman is a “bad” or humiliating thing. 

    While there are probably some guys out there who actually identify with that, I would argue this is not the case generally, and it is a superficial analysis of what’s going on here. The fact is that men who dress or act as women are likely to be judged pretty heavily by society, from ridicule to outright violence. Even if the individual doesn’t receive external judgement directly, they inherently know it exists and judge themselves. This judgement is the foundation on which the fetish of feminization is built.

    To understand where this judgement comes from, we need to go back to the source of gender roles and how each provides value to their community.

    Disclaimer: Now please don’t get all triggered at this point, I’m talking about underlying social currency that has existed for countless millennia, not the actual value of any given individual. In fact, understanding how society has come to reject classic notions of gender is an important and relevant topic which plays into this as well. I’m just not discussing that part right now. It will be something I do cover in the future, though.

    The value of women is clear – they have a womb and make people. This is an invaluable and irreplaceable aspect of their femininity that can’t be taken away by clothing or anything so simple as that. Every woman is important and irreplaceable because she can only make one new human (or twins, etc.) at a time.

    Males are the opposite side of the reproductive coin. A single male can impregnate many women, and is even driven to do so. History is rife with the tales of men who would sire numerous offspring with innumerable mates, and these are remembered because of the seeming virtue that would come from such accomplishment.

    So how does the male prove his value and have the opportunity to pass on his genes? Power, wealth, bulging muscles, and all manner of attributes that signify his exemplary maleness. The more of these he has, the more successful he will be sexually. Men will respect him and women will want to fuck him.

    You could argue that these forces no longer exist or inform our society, but I would strongly disagree. The entire alpha / beta dichotomy that has raged on the internet (and prior) for years seems to indicate otherwise. You may find them repellent, but The Red Pill-ers have seemed to zero in on the kernel of this truth and many use it to their advantage in sexual conquest as “Pick Up Artists”. As there are more men around than ever, their overall sexual capital is dwindling, and we see pornosexuality, MGTOW, and just plain apathy on the rise from a lot of guys who have simply given up the classic quest to secure a place at the sexual Olympics.

    Now, having established the point of difference in how men and women derive value, we can see where sissy humiliation comes into play. By giving up his male attributes and adopting feminine ones, the sissy forfeits male value, and in return receives no real female value either. He has no womb, and never will. At best he is a surrogate, sometimes even a cheap stand-in.

    So no, I don’t think sissification views feminine traits as humiliating. Rather, it is humiliating to give up. To simply let go of any innate maleness to be a facsimile of a woman, but not a real woman.

    There exists a kind of redemption for these sissies, however. They can embrace Transgender identity and transition to a full-time woman (again a hot topic I won’t delve into deeper at this time) and regain society’s respect, and possibly even praise. Some sissy tracks inevitably lead down this path, in which humiliation becomes less important.


  2. Autism spectrum is probably quite the confounder here, given that it’s strongly associated with both AGP and also “nerd culture” (for want of a better word) which is much more feminist than the general population


    • I detect weak-to-no connections between autism/nerdiness and AGP in my surveys. This may be ceiling effects (the place I’m posting the surveys are very nerdy and AGP), but I *think* it should still prevent the association you’re suggesting?


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