A dataset of common AGP/AAP fantasies

Autogynephilia is a sexual interest in being a woman, and autoandrophilia is a sexual interest in being a man. However, what does this mean in practice?

There are a number of ways one can examine this. For instance, there exist many porn/erotica sites catering to autogynephiles, and they have been observed in clinical contexts, with their fantasies sometimes being recorded. However, I worry that these do not necessarily get at typical such fantasies, but instead get at more extreme and unusual variants, due to their greater selection effects.

To solve this, and to get more data on autoandrophilia, I did a survey asking about qualitative autogynephilic and autoandrophilic fantasies. More specifically, on /r/SampleSize I posted a survey titled “Can you look at some porn For Science? Survey #5” which asked about a broad variety of things, mostly of which were not related to this topic. Near the end of the survey, I asked people whether they found it arousing to “Imagine being the opposite sex”, and among those who answered anything other than “Not at all”, I asked the following open-ended question:

Fantasies about being the opposite sex

Optional. Above, you said that you would find it arousing to imagine being the opposite sex. I’m currently studying the nature of sexual fantasies about being the opposite sex, and as part of this it would be useful to know more about what exactly people fantasize about. So: If you were to fantasize about being the opposite sex, what sorts of things would you imagine?

I’m both interested in the scenarios you imagine (e.g. what sorts of sexual actions are in play, what sorts of environment and partners do you imagine, what sort of body type do you imagine having?) and in the perspective of the fantasy (e.g. who is the object of desire in the fantasy, do you imagine things from a first-person view, etc?).

Feel free to add any other information about experiences or feelings that you may consider relevant to this sexual interest. For instance, it would be interesting to know if you had any thoughts about what makes this sexual fantasy feel attractive to you.

About 500 cisgender women and about 1100 cisgender men completed my survey. Out of these, 96 cis women and 203 cis men answered my question about AAP and AGP fantasies respectively. The dataset, along with some extra variables that I thought it would be worth sharing, can be accessed here. (Note that a few of the participants opted not to have their raw answers shared, and so it contains only 290 data points.) In order to give an overview, I’ve run through the fantasies to try and list the most commonly described themes:

Disclaimer: There were a lot of sexual fantasies and I didn’t have a systematic way to code them, and I did it all by hand, so there may be some mistakes in the following list.

  • 33.5%: Heterosexual sex. (57 AGP, 28%, e.g. “I imagine a luxurious hotel with an handsome abd muscular men after a long diner.”, 39 AAP, 41%, e.g. “I mean not to write too porny but I’ve imagined having a dick and having fairly rough sex with a woman.”)
  • 24%: Masturbating. (45 AGP, 22%, e.g. “I imagine fingering myself”, 25 AAP, 26%, e.g. “I’m mostly interested in being able to feel the pleasure of masturbation with a penis”)
  • 20.5%: Homosexual sex. (41 AGP, 20%, e.g. “sex with my current girlfriend”, 20 AAP, 21%, e.g. “Having gay sex with my partner”)
  • 12%: Being dominant/powerful. (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “I imagine myself sometimes as an attractive woman, sometimes as a normal woman, and since men are less picky about who they choose to have sex, just choose someone, invite them over and be dominant with them.”, 19 AAP, 20%, e.g. “Fucking someone while having a penis seems fun and powerful. “)
  • 11%: Implied heterosexual sex (e.g. mentioning “penetration” abstractly). (23 AGP, 11%, e.g. “being penetrated vaginally from a first person perspective.”, 11 AAP, 11.5%, e.g. “thrusting inside of someone’s genitalia”)
  • 11%: Blowjob. (9 AGP, 4.5%, e.g. “I watch reverse blowjob stuff sometimes.”, 17 AAP, 18%, e.g. “thrusting inside of someone’s mouth”)
  • 10.5%: Orgasming/sexual pleasure. (31 AGP, 15%, “World be fascinating to experience orgasms from the female perspective.”, 6 AAP, 6%, e.g. “I would fantasize about what having a penis would feel like. I like to imagine what my partner is feeling during sex.”)
  • 9%: Multiple partners (AGP only). (19 AGP, 9%, e.g. “I would imagine sex with multiple partners at once, giving and receiving, the gender of the partners ismt really important to me but normally if think about the fantasy its me with men.”.)
  • 7%: Caressing/fondling oneself. (26 AGP, 13%, e.g. “Playing with my boobs”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “I imagine touching my strong, firm, well developed muscles and jerking off”)
  • 6.5%: Being submissive/overpowered. (21 AGP, 10%, e.g. “I would be a sexy little slut that gets used in all sorts of kinky ways.”, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “But also the reverse. Having a woman have power over me. The main focus is the penis.”)
  • 6%: Used strap on/packer to simulate penis (AAP only). (6 AAP, 6%, e.g. “I’m a gay woman and have engaged in the above with a strap on as the giving party.”)
  • 6%: Curiosity. (13 AGP, 6.5%, “I’m curious how sex as a woman would feel.”, 5 AAP, 5%, e.g. “Really curious about what it is like to have a penis.”)
  • 6%: Ejaculating (AAP only). (6 AAP, 6%, e.g. “I want to know what it feels like to ejaculate!”)
  • 5.5%: Crossdressing (AGP only). (11 AGP, 5.5%, e.g. “I like female clothing, so my fantasies often have myself and my partner(s) dressing as a woman. Mainly skirts, stockings and pink/purple stuff.”.)
  • 5.5%: Receiving a lot of sexual attention/being desired. (17 AGP, 8%, e.g. “seeing what it’s like to be a girl and receive all the attention”, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “Getting a lot of pretty girls that want to have sex with me, and being able to pleasure them just with my own body.”)
  • 5%: Casual sex (AGP only). (10 AGP, 5%, e.g. “I do fantasize about being a woman and how much of a slut I would probably be.”.)
  • 5%: Specific body characteristics (mentions concrete characteristics). (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “Having smallish tits”, 7 AAP, 7%, e.g. “I (usually) imagine myself as a skinny man with the face similar to my actual face but having a beard.”)
  • 5%: Attractive body characteristics (e.g. fit). (17 AGP, 8%, e.g. “Everyone in my fantasies are healthy and generally fit.”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “I would imagine being a fit man and pleasuring a woman from a first-person view.”)
  • 4.5%: Overall body size (small for AGP, big for AAP). (8 AGP, 4%, e.g. “I am a small woman who gets fucked in the vagina by a large man.”, 5 AAP, 5%, e.g. “I imagine being bigger than whatever partner I have. Being so big and tall that I can hug them and practically engulf them.”)
  • 4.5%: Stronger orgasms. (8 AGP, 4%, e.g. “I’m interested in how it would feel. Women supposedly have stronger orgasms, and it’s sensations I as a man don’t normally (or at all feel).”, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “I don’t know what it would feel like to have sex with that sexual organ. That means I can imagine it feeling better than anything I’ve ever experienced.”)
  • 4%: Only mentions a sexed characteristic and nothing else in the fantasy. (AAP only) (4 AAP, 4%, e.g. “having a dick”)
  • 4%: Anal sex. (5 AGP, 2.5%, “anal (not painful)”, 5 AAP, 5%, e.g. “my penis swinging while being anally penetrated.”)
  • 4%: Using sex toys. (13 AGP, 6.5%, e.g. “Using a vibrator / dildo”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “I fantasise about using a fleshlight or fucking a man in the arse.”)
  • 4%: Answers that didn’t give any specific info or said that they did not have any A*P fantasies. (11 AGP, 5.5%, e.g. “I don’t know”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “Literally everything just to see what it’s like as a man “)
  • 3.5%: Imagining being androgynous (e.g. GAM, …). (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “I usually fantasize about being a woman while still having a dick.”, 6 AAP, 6%, e.g. “body type, like my own (I still have breasts as well) but with an average to large sized penis.”)
  • 3.5%: Cunnilingus. (6 AGP, 3%, e.g. “I think about having someone perform oral sex on me.”, 4 AAP, 4%, e.g. “I imagine going down on or fucking a woman”)
  • 3.5%: Transforming (AGP only). (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “While I consider myself masculine, I am still very much attracted to femine features and actions, and would find becoming an attractive woman to be very arousing.”.)
  • 3.5%: BDSM (AGP only). (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “The fantasy scenarios vary but generally revolve around some form of bondage, as I personally find female bondage infinitely more attractive than male.”.)
  • 3%: Clothing (AGP only). (6 AGP, 3%, e.g. “wearing sexy outfits and nylons, wearing dresses and heels”.)
  • 3%: Sex with someone genderbending (e.g. drag queen, GAM, …). (6 AGP, 3%, e.g. “Sometimes I just imagine being the opposite sex in a solo fantasy where I’m jerking off while enjoying my body, other times I imagine that my (female) partner had a dick and would penetrate me with it. “, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “Also sometimes I fantasize about being a man and having sex with a dragqueen.”
  • 3%: Easier orgasms (AAP only). (3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “I think sex as a man is easier to reach orgasm and I like to imagine what it would feel like to have that easy stimulation.”)
  • 3%: Sex (partner’s nature unspecified). (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “Masturbation and having sex”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “I think it would be interesting to experience sex with a dick.”)
  • 3%: Ejaculate (AGP only). (6 AGP, 3%, e.g. “And feeling them cum in my pussy, ass, and mouth as well. I’d also like to be came on.”.)
  • 3%: Focus on partner. (1 AGP, 0.5%, e.g. “In this scenario I believe I would be more aroused by my partner than the act itself.”, 5 AAP, 5%, e.g. “The most arousing part is imagining the woman’s pleasure rather than my own.”)
  • 3%: Mimicry-A*P. (5 AGP, 2.5%, e.g. “I mostly fantasize about being hot women I see on Instagram or in real life”, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “imagine what it would be like to be a man I’m attracted to fucking a girl I’m attracted to. “)
  • 2.5%: Multiple orgasms (AGP only). (5 AGP, 2.5%, “Multiple orgasms are interesting. “)
  • 2.5%: Feeling sexually attracted to someone. (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “They have beautiful body parts and can really get into “the zone” when aroused.”, 4 AAP, 4%, e.g. “The amount of attraction I have towards a woman, like I feel like men would have more primal, untamable urges.”)
  • 2.5%: Being attractive (AGP only). (5 AGP, 2.5%, e.g. “I just feel like I’d be more attractive as a girl.”.)
  • 2.5%: Exhibitionism. (6 AGP, 3%, e.g. “Imagine initiating sexual situations including public sex”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “fantasies: usually in public, with people watching. I’m the object of desire. 3rd person view.”)
  • 2%: Exaggerated sexual dimorphism. (5 AGP, 2.5%, e.g. “she is busty (d-cup+), BMI around 25-30, big ass, trimmed not shaved, glamorously beautiful, vulnerable eyes, exposed vulva.”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “I imagine myself with a large penis and a muscular, vascular body with a beard.”)
  • 2%: Intimate/loving sex. (3 AGP, 1.5%, e.g. “The scenario changes according to my mood and but can include having passionate sex with someone I love.”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “Even though I assume the male role in those fantasies, it’s usually from a 3rd person perspective, and boringly romantic, as opposed to anything too racy or kinky.”)
  • 2%: Being normal. (5 AGP, 2.5%, e.g. “In casual gay sex encounters I prefer strict top/bottom or dom/sub roles, usually but not exclusively with me being the bottom/sub. As a female in a straight male/female casual sex encounter it would be easier not having to navigate who is in what role (I am aware women can be dom but I would not be interested in that).”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “I’m lesbian, and as progressive as the world is, it just seems easier to imagine being able to talk to women as a man rather than a woman. It’s more of the fear of being gay in my environment (the south and conservative parents) that have me imagine being a man having sex with a woman.”)
  • 2%: Fantasy comes up in dreams. (1 AGP, 0.5%, e.g. “I recently had a dream”, 3 AAP, 3%, e.g. “This mostly comes up in my dreams.”)
  • 2%: Acting flirtatiously. (5 AGP, 2.5%, e.g. “imagine teasing and turning on the opposite sex”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “Sometimes I imagine I’m single and try to pick up a woman to have sex with.”)
  • 2%: Watching one’s own body. (7 AGP, 3.5%, e.g. “Haven’t really thought about it much. I was more thinking of the hypothetical “if i was a girl for a day I’d just play with my boobs in front of a mirror” thing lol”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “I imagine in it third person, but like watching myself.”)
  • 2%: Impregnation. (3 AGP, 1.5%, e.g. “being impregnated”, 2 AAP, 2%, e.g. “imagining creampie-ing a woman and getting her pregnant”)
  • 2%: Merging or swapping bodies (AGP only). (4 AGP, 2%, e.g. “So in this dream, we decided to switch bodies so that we would have to meet again later to switch back. […] During sex I enjoy being very intimate, intertwined (literally sharing as much skin surface as possible and sensing breath and pulse) and feeling what the woman feels and I love the way women experience arousal and sex, so becoming her or merging bodies would be the next level in this.”
  • 1.5%: Attracting straight people (AGP only). (3 AGP, 1.5%, e.g. “Having sex with straight men that I’m attracted to.”.)
  • 1.5%: Rape (AGP only). (3 AGP, 1.5%, e.g. “often forced male-on-female”)
  • 1%: Friendships becoming sexual (AGP only). (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “Friendships turning sexual. slender lesbian top. I read a lot of yuri romance and thus have an unrealistic idealized fantasy about lesbian romance and sexuality”.)
  • 1%: Masochistic emasculation fetish. (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “I’d also like to be a cuck and watch as a man cum in my wife so I can eat out her used pussy.”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “As previously mentioned, I’m into orgasm denial and chastity. This kink is logistically more feasible with dicks instead of cunts.”)
  • 1%: Extreme masochism (e.g. slavery, brainwashing, …). (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “I could be sold into sexual slavery, forced to perform sexually. Maybe I’m trapped in a machine that forces orgasms. Maybe a mysterious monster is magically draining my intelligence and simultaneously stimulating me to keep me from resisting. After their torment, I’ll be reduced to a brainless fuckable objectified being, which is one of my fantasies for a partner as well.”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “usually he’s a vampire for the purpose of being able to torture him more without him dying, because dying isn’t sexy. He doesn’t have sex with girls unless they rape him, and he never enjoys it. Most of the scenarios don’t involve sex at all though. There’s a lot I haven’t said, but it’s embarrassing.”)
  • 1%: Peeing (AGP only). (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “Sexual touching and peeing”.)
  • 1%: Everyday activities. (3 AGP, 1.5%, e.g. “I typically imagine myself just being female in my day to day life”, 1 AAP, 1%, e.g. “I imagine waking up in a man’s body and spending the day as a man.”)
  • 1%: Feet (AGP only). (2 AGP, 1%, e.g. “I like girls feet so I have thought about what it would be like to be a girl with cute feet and tease guys with foot fetishes”.)
  • 0.5%: Voyeurism (AGP only). (1 AGP, 0.5%, e.g. “Getting to see inside of a women’s locker room / changing room”)
  • 0.5%: Corsets (AGP only). (1 AGP, 0.5%, e.g. “Corsets/extremely small waists”)
  • 0.5%: Watching porn (AGP only). (1 AGP, 0.5%, e.g. “If I were to engage in a sexual fantasy involving me becoming a woman, I would only indulge in solo sexual acts, such as masturbation or watching porn.”.)

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