This blog is about sexology and in particular the causes of being transgender. I do internet surveys about gender identity and sexuality to better understand how it works. While doing these surveys, I eventually became convinced that a variant of Blanchard’s transgender typology (AGP/HSTS) is the best model for understanding gender issues.

I consider myself an autogynephilic man who experiences gender dysphoria. Both my autogynephilia and my dysphoria is mainly anatomic rather than social. For those of you who don’t believe in the autogynephilia model but instead in some form of “gender identity”, I guess you can consider me a confused pretransition trans woman. 🤔

Since my dysphoria is mainly anatomic, I am not interested in social transition. I do not have any fundamental objections to transition, and I have supported others in gender transition. I do use HRT, though.

I am also known as tailcalled in various places.